BRP Can-Am

BRP Can-Am

BRP Can-Am

Creative execution

To stand out from the competition.

Multi-channel retail campaign

In time for AgQuip 2018.

Increased retail conversion

During 2018


BRP needed to find the way of promoting its value proposition to maintain its premium positioning in combination with a new retail offer designed to create interest and increase retail conversion during the second quarter of 2018

Our approach

C7EVEN created a multi-channel retail advertising campaign to coincide with BRP’s attendance at Australia’s largest agricultural field day AgQuip 2018.

We transformed the creative execution of the brand to differentiate from competitors and to align with the target audience and talked to the unique selling propositions of the brand.

Campaign Elements:

  • Point of Sale Materials
  • Press advertising
  • Social media
  • Online advertising
  • Digital advertising
  • Field Day Signage
  • Field Day Catalogue