Virbac Australia TRIDECTIN® Launch

Virbac Australia TRIDECTIN® Launch

Print Media Reach

2,196,684 people

Digital Reach

Over 100,000 impressions

PR Strategy

55 News Articles created

104,125 Social Media Users

50,500 video views


On September 25, 2017 Virbac Australia launched a 3-way oral drench for sheep called TRIDECTIN®. TRIDECTIN® is the only pre-mixed oral drench to contain moxidectin (the most potent mectin) for sheep producers. Virbac engaged C7EVEN to develop a campaign to launch this new product into the market.


An integrated marketing and communications campaign to launch TRIDECTIN®. The objectives were to drive awareness, drive sales and educate sheep producers on the importance of a combination drench.

Target audience groups included:

  1. Sheep producers nationally currently using a Abamectin based triple drench.
  2. Sheep producers nationally currently using Startect & Zolvix.

C7EVEN͛s campaign involved TV, radio, print, online and social media advertising. Logo and packaging design, in-store point of sale, sales materials and PR.


C7EVEN worked with Conti Bros and Fin Design to produce a 15, 30 and 60 second TVC. The TVC was unlike any other for this category and included Hollywood style special effects. The TVC aired nationally on the Prime 7, NBN TV, Southern Cross and WIN TV networks over a 7-week period and achieved a potential audience reach of 1,700,00+.


C7EVEN produced a 30 second radio advertisement that aired over a 3-week campaign period targeting 11 key sheep producing towns and achieving a potential audience reach of 203,000+.


A national, state and regional print advertising campaign was deployed with advertisements placed in targeted publications over a 4-week period with a readership of almost 2.2M.


A national digital advertising campaign was developed which included advertisements through social media and display advertising across key agricultural digital media platforms, plus Google search AdWords as part of a 8-week campaign.


A national PR campaign was delivered and included:

  • PR Stunt – executed in one of Australia͛s largest sheep producing towns (Walcha NSW), a mob of 100 sheep in TRIDECTIN® coats were mustered through the main street. Strong media coverage was achieved across TV, print and digital.
  • ‘Platinum Ticket’ Giveaway – A ‘Willy Wonka’ inspired giveaway saw three (3) TRIDECTIN®
  • Platinum Tickets randomly placed inside 3 TRIDECTIN® 10L cartons. These tickets entitled the lucky ͚finder͛ a free pair of Samsung VR Goggles (as featured in the TRIDECTIN® TVC) and the opportunity to nominate a local community charity to receive $500 donation from Virbac Australia. Local media coverage was achieved around the winners region.
  • Media Engagement – national earned media coverage in print, TV and digital platforms was achieved.


Point of sale materials were developed and provided content for the website and social media, sales staff, events and field days, in-store.


C7EVEN developed and designed the TRIDECTIN® packaging (cartons and labels), logos and the detailed style guide.


The campaign is still ongoing, however extensive media coverage of the TRIDECTIN® launch campaign was achieved throughout the campaign period.

  • Print advertising reached a potential readership of up to 2,196,684 people.
  • Digital advertising reached over 100,000 impressions.

Several earned media outcomes were also achieved through the PR strategy in addition to paid advertising with over 55 news articles.

A total of 104,125 social media users were reached through the social media content with over 50,500 video views.

Terrance Loughlin: Virbac Australia, Tridectin Brand Manager:

“We have been working with C7EVEN at Virbac for several years now and I am continually impressed by the quality of their work. Finding a full-service communications agency that really understands the agricultural market is hard enough as it is. But finding an agency that produces exceptional creative ideas that communicate your product’s value proposition in the ag space is near impossible. We have found that agency in C7EVEN and are so proud of what they have delivered for Tridectin.”